Pussy Stretching

Pussy Stretching
Water Ballon Pussy Expansion Torture

First time she sees a camera . . . . But she doesn't get shy.
First, the electric dildo, full speed, Then 2 dildos in her pussy,
Full close up view, gapping, stretching, Four fingers insertions follows.Her first time Water Balloon torture;
Pussy expansion
with 500cc Water Balloon,
Many times, till she likes it... A good fast bottle insertion to cool her down.
Then water balloon again, she asked for it, Before some fucking, then Water Balloon, Standing on all four this time...
Still horny, she gets the electro dildo in her ass, Before ending up tied up in a chair,
Dildo'd and Water Balloon stretched, She cannot escape extreme expansions, Full pink close up.

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pussy stretching

The Weirdest Sites of the Internet

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